Monday 18th September
Sticky citrus chicken with avocado, spelt and roasted beets
Tuesday 19th September
Kalbi beef short ribs, spicy cucumber salad and rice (gf,df)
Wednesday 20th September
Millet and broccoli fritters with garlic hummus, roasted almonds and tomato oil(veg)
Thursday 21st September
Quinoa, pistachio pork schnitzel, spring vegetables and herb slaw (gf)
Friday 23rd September
Roast chicken with cauliflower and fennel cream, spinach salad (gf)



On Thursday, the Menu for the following week will be below (scroll down to view)



Monday 25th September
Lemon roasted chicken, pea risotto and rocket salad (gf)
Tuesday 26th September
Rosemary lamb shoulder, roasted carrots and potatoes with garlic puree (gf,df)
Wednesday 27th September
Spring vegetables tart with feta crumbs and fresh herbs (veg)
Thursday 28th September
Flat iron steak with ancho and lime butter, polenta fries and slaw (gf)
Friday 29th September
Smokey baked chicken meatballs, tomato and leek sauce, cos and crispy potatoes (df)