Monday 16th May
Roasted Bostock chicken, crushed turnips and apple, wilted silver beet (gf)
Tuesday 17th May
Slow cooked Moroccan lamb with barley stew, spinach leaves(df)
Wednesday 18th May
French onion soup, baguette croutes
Thursday 19th May
Braised beef brisket with chilli oil sauce, steam rice and Asians greens (gf,df)
Friday 20th May
Bake chicken tenders with lemon and thyme, macaroni gratin pea and braised cos 



Monday 23rd May
Middle Eastern chicken thighs with beetroot, spinach and feta pearl couscous
Tuesday 24th May
Braised beef short ribs with winter greens, miso, peanut butter and chickpea salad (gf,df)
Wednesday 25th May
Cauliflower tacos, avocado and “Hands down” corn tortillas (gf,veg)
Thursday 26th May
Crispy pork belly with rose harissa sprouts, lemon tahini yoghurt and flatbread
Friday 27th May
Mayan chicken tenders, sikil p’aak potato salad and kamo kamo (gf,df)




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