Monday 2nd August
Firecracker chicken, rice cake, steam Asian greens (df, gf)
​Tuesday 3rd August
Hungarian beef Goulash, crushed potatoes, savoy cabbage (gf)
Wednesday 4th August
 Pappardelle, roast pumpkin, brown butter, broccoli and cashew pesto
Thursday 5th August
Jerk pork loin, celeriac slaw, Jamaican coco bread
Friday 6th August
Chicken Keema with paratha, spinach, pickled red onions and raita 



On Thursday, the Menu for the following week will be below (scroll down to view)




Monday 9th August
Pink peppercorn chicken tenders, Moroccan lentil and cauliflower couscous salad (gf)
Tuesday 10th August
Braised beef short ribs, crème fraiche, sauteed barley and winter roast vegetables   
Wednesday 11th August
 Caramelized onion, leek and feta frittata, green salad (v,gf)
Thursday 12th August
Lamb bhuna, potato and pea curry (df,gf)
​Friday 13th August
Chicken El Pastor, burnt tomatillo salsa, pineapple salad (df)