Monday 29th November
Allspice chicken and rice with dill yoghurt, cucumber crunch salad (gf)
Tuesday 30th November
 Grilled carrots, red onion and beef rump steak with spicy fish sauce salad (gf,df)
Wednesday 1st December   
 Mushroom and tempeh rendang with broccoli and Jasmine rice (veg,df,gf)
Thursday 2nd December
Durban lamb bunny chow with carrot sambal
Friday 3rd December    
Turmeric chicken drumettes with coconut chutney, pineapple kachumber and lentil pancake (gf,df)  



On Thursday, the Menu for the following week will be below (scroll down to view)



Monday 6th December
Balsamic chicken and stone fruit panzanella salad (df)
Tuesday 7th December  
 Beef “a l’echalotte” Lyonnais potato cake and salad greens (gf)
Wednesday 8th December   
 Somyeon noodles, dashi broth, kimchi and seaweed sashimi (veg,df)
Thursday 9th December
Shawarma lamb with sprouted hummus, beetroot raita, couscous  
Friday 10th December    
Chicken with Chipotle and onion, corn tamale and fresh salsa (gf)