• Variety average size count is 100 count
  • Premier Star is packed into Z pack cartons; minimum net weight on market arrival is 17.5kg
  • Average of 13.0 soluble solids on market arrival (% Brix)
  • Premier Star is packed to a 70%+ colour standard; 50% bright red block plus a red wash to cover a further 30%


Premier Star™  was first discovered in 1999 on a home orchard in Nelson, one of New Zealand’s premier apple growing regions.

The apple was granted a Plant Variety Right (PVR) in 2007 and the first, small commercial volumes of Premier Star™  were planted. BOSTOCK New Zealand was given exclusive marketing rights in 2008.

Glowing market feedback from the first export shipments in 2011 saw a bigger uptake of commercial plantings across hand selected growers in Nelson and also in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand’s largest apple growing region.

BOSTOCK New Zealand bought the variety and exclusive rights in 2014.


  • Harvested in February; the perfect choice to start the New Zealand apple season
  • A show-stopping, bright red blush
  • A natural, high colouring apple
  • An attractive, consistent round shape
  • Firm skin that presents and holds well in market
  • Sweet flavour similar to Royal Gala brix with a hint of tanginess
  • No internal disorders
  • Exclusive branding and PLU label

This marketing strategy ensures our selected importers in each export market have the opportunity to develop strong sales, distribution and promotion for Premier Star™  without competition from others undermining these efforts.

Established markets that have seen successful sales and promotion of Premier Star™  include North America, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.