Diva™ apples are no ordinary apples: they’re premium apples fresh from the Bostock New Zealand orchards. Naturally bright red and high in flavour, Diva™ is only available for a limited season.

Diva™ is picked at the perfect moment, to capture its pure taste, crispness and aroma. It is handled with great care so it retains its flavour and freshness until it reaches your tastebuds.

Go on, take a bite… you deserve it. Escape into the pleasure of a Diva™ moment.


  • Looking Good – DIVA™ organic apples are bright and shiny and their stunning, rich red colour and naturally larger size draws the eye and attracts customer attention.
  • Tasting Great – DIVA™ organic apples are higher Brix and sweeter tasting than rival varieties, with firm, dense flesh and a juicy, crispy bite.
  • Exclusive & Limited – DIVA™ organic apples are exclusive to Bostock New Zealand, meaning volumes are limited and distribution is controlled.
  • Traceability You Can Trust – DIVA™ organic apples are safe and 100% traceable back to source, meaning you can sell, market and promote this apple with 100% confidence.
  • Specially Selected Orchards – DIVA™ organic apples are some of the best apples New Zealand has to offer because they are grown on orchards specially selected for access to cool ocean breezes, high quality soil and an abundance of summer sunshine hours.