John Bostock is the pioneer of commercial organic apple production in New Zealand

BOSTOCK New Zealand is the country’s largest organic apple grower, exporting 85% of the national crop.

John first started to grow organic apples in 1996. BOSTOCK New Zealand now has over 500 hectares of BioGro fully certified land.  All our orchards are located on the beautiful fertile plains of Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, where a sunny, warm climate is ideal for growing organic apples. Our organic apples are free from synthetic pesticides and other artificial substances.
Cutting edge technology ensures traceability from our orchards all the way to the end customers.
Together with two other partners, BOSTOCK New Zealand has set up a dedicated company for the research and development of new, exclusive varieties.


PRODUCTS Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug
Royal Gala              
Granny Smith              
Pink Lady®              
Premier Star              
NZ Prince®