Organic New Zealand Apples Grow in Popularity in Vietnam’s Largest Modern Retailer

Vietnam’s largest modern retailer is strengthening its direct relationships with trusted New Zealand Organic Exporters, as the demand for safe, healthy organic produce grows in Vietnam.

Bostock New Zealand is the largest 100% certified, organic apple producer in the Southern Hemisphere and is excited to be exclusively supplying Winmart directly with Organic Fuji apples this season.WinCommerce is Vietnam’s largest modern retailer with 3,000 WinMart/WinMart+ supermarkets and mini marts across 60 locations.

Ms Huong Nguyen, Bostock New Zealand’s Market Representative in Vietnam, says it has been really rewarding to see the demand grow for organic apples in the last two years.


“Vietnamese are placing a stronger focus and priority on their personal health and food safety and as more retailers move to stocking organic product, organic is becoming more accessible and widely available to the average consumer. It’s great to see Bostock New Zealand leading the way in growing the organic apple market in Vietnam and also gaining trust and confidence from the end consumers.”

WinCommerce Commercial Import team share their excitement to be championing New Organic apples.

“It’s great to be able to sell Bostock Organic Fuji apples again this season to meet the growing demand across our retail and sales channels. This is Bostock New Zealand’s second year directly supplying organic Fuji to Winmart.  But the first year on an exclusive basis after both companies recognised this would support Win Mart to grow the volume beyond a niche product to a more mainstream purchase.  We are happy to work with trusted exporters to develop the Organic project, aiming to bring “the very best of freshness” to our end-consumers. Bostock New Zealand, where we can trust the produce has been grown with no chemicals and in a very pure environment.”


As part of the campaign to educate more Vietnamese consumers about organic New Zealand apples, Winmart store managers took part in a competition to create the best organic Fuji apple displays and say it’s a good way to educate consumers about organics. This is the most effective way to put the spotlight on the New Zealand organic apple story and educate Winmart customers about what organic means with consumers drawn to the beautiful displays to learn more.

The display competition and the promotional price has gained a lot of attention from end-consumers for the exclusivity of Fuji organic in Win Commerce from Bostock. Hence, even when the promotional program ended, WCM still received repeating requests from customers who for Organic Fuji with confidence and trust on quality.



Bostock New Zealand International Market Manager, Jane Maclean says with mainstream retail organic sales still relatively new for Bostock New Zealand, the company is needing to find ways to educate the end consumer that organic apples from New Zealand are grown differently, without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

“Organic apples can also mean more cosmetic imperfections which is new for Vietnamese consumers who do look for the perfect apple.  But organic apples are the healthiest and safest option – and the eating experience is the same, if not better!”

Ms Maclean says it’s exciting to take an older variety like Fuji that still delivers hugely on crunch, colour and sweetness and re-introduce it to Vietnam customers who are moving to add organic into their daily lives for improved personal health.

“Most Vietnamese people are aware of organic and the benefits but have previously seen it as unaffordable or only for the very wealthy. With Bostock New Zealand apples being stocked more widely across Winmart stores in Vietnam, we have shown that organic is available to anyone and everyone who want to best look after their health.”


Bostock New Zealand has also invested in unique cardboard packaging which has proved very popular with Vietnamese consumers.

“We’re really proud to develop environmentally friendly packaging. We launched the packaging with Winmart last season and it was so popular that we have rolled it out again,” said Ms Maclean.



The New Zealand Trade and Enterprise Trade Commissioner, Joe Nelson says New Zealand’s apple industry is rated the best in the world. New Zealand apples enjoy popularity among Vietnamese consumers because New Zealand fresh produce has a good image which connects with high-quality apples, grown in favourable natural conditions.

“New Zealand apple growers are agile and innovative. They use world-leading science and technology to deliver to ever-changing customer demands. The New Zealand horticulture industry is investing in new technology, which is earning a premium place in the global marketplace.”