NZ’s Largest Organic Apple Grower and Milford Private Equity Team Up to Grow and Market the US’s Favourite Apple – Honeycrisp

NZ’s Largest Organic Apple Grower and Milford Private Equity Have Teamed Up to Grow and Market the US’s Favourite Apple – Honeycrisp

The Southern Hemisphere’s largest organic apple grower and Milford Private Equity are now growing and marketing the very popular organic Honeycrisp apple variety to customers around the world.

The new venture, Southern Honeycrisp New Zealand Ltd, has purchased five established organic Honeycrisp orchards in the South Island of New Zealand.

Bostock New Zealand Owner, John Bostock, says he’s delighted to partner with Milford Private Equity to invest in Honeycrisp. 

“Our US customers have been continually asking for organic New Zealand Honeycrisp to meet the growing demand.”

“We’ve listened and have responded and are thrilled to now meet the demands of our customers, who are all eager to sell organic Honeycrisp in the US in the spring and summer months, when supplies are limited. Purchasing from New Zealand will ensure year-round supply of fresh, organic Honeycrisp.”

Milford’s Brooke Bone commented that “this is an exciting opportunity for our investors to get access to a premium horticultural investment in partnership with one of New Zealand’s top horticulturalists.  We’re pleased to invest in the local economy, exporting a great New Zealand product”. 

According to the most recent apple category data, Honeycrisp accounts for over 30 percent of apple sales in the US and, in the Midwest, Honeycrisp makes up 41% of apple sales.

Bone notes “most US retailers report that Honeycrisp is their biggest seller and outsells most other apple varieties. It’s a hugely popular apple in the US and continues to grow in popularity.”

US consumers love Honeycrisp because it has the perfect balance of sweetness and tart, with a great texture and eating experience.

Bostock says many of the company’s customers have already received small volumes of New Zealand organic Honeycrisp and have confidence in the quality of the New Zealand fruit.

Southern Honeycrisp New Zealand Ltd’s Honeycrisp apples are grown in the South Island of New Zealand where there is a colder climate. 

Bostock says the expertise of the Bostock team and the skills and resources of the Milford team will be valuable to make the Honeycrisp business successful.

“We have highly skilled orchard and technical managers who know how to grow organic apples really well, delivering high quality, premium fruit.   Being a “one stop shop” is good for our customers buying New Zealand organic apples, with streamlining logistics.”

In 2018 Bostock New Zealand set up an office in North America, led by Jodi Carkner, marketing and distributing organic apples directly to US and Canadian customers.

“Honeycrisp will complement our overall offering of apple varieties for the US consumers. It’s really exciting that Bostock New Zealand can now provide the full varietal make up for our customers import needs,” said Carkner.

Bostock New Zealand now has a strong consumer facing brand in US supermarkets that represents quality and freshness. The company has developed a new sustainable range of Bostock apple packaging for the US consumers and Honeycrisp will be added to this product range.

The company has a dedicated team on the ground in North America to deliver superior tasting, fresh organic apples from April to September.

Honeycrisp will now be part of the direct offering. As an earlier variety, it will be harvested and packed in March for April arrival.