New Zealand’s Largest Organic Grower Teams up with Countdown

Media Release
23 April

New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Exporter Teams up with Countdown to Deliver Export Quality Apples to Kiwi Consumers for the First Time

New Zealand’s largest organic apple exporter, Bostock New Zealand has teamed up with Countdown to provide export quality organic apples to kiwi consumers for the first time.

Countdown will be the first New Zealand supermarket to offer organic Braeburn apples instead of conventionally-grown Braeburn at its supermarkets nationwide.

Bostock New Zealand Owner John Bostock says Braeburn is one of the most popular varieties of apples in New Zealand and is especially popular in Europe.

“We are excited to supply for the first time, our export quality organic Braeburn apples to Countdown directly. We have seen a significant increase in demand for organic products both here and globally and it’s great to give our local consumers the chance to eat our highest quality export, organic Braeburn apples.”

Countdown says more than five million Braeburn apples sell locally every year and its decision to move to certified organic Braeburn is a significant move as the demand for organics grows at more than twice the speed of the conventional market.

Research shows that eight out of ten New Zealanders buy organic products at least fortnightly, and 75 per cent of those who are regular organic purchasers say they rely on certification to determine if a product is organic*.

Countdown’s Head of Produce, Steve Sexton, says Countdown is focused on developing its organic range, particularly fresh produce, to make organics more widely available and affordable for all customers.

“It’s great that Bostock New Zealand is supplying us directly with export quality organic produce to help us grow this organic category.

“Our customers are telling us that the core reasons they choose to buy organic are the taste, their health and a desire to protect the environment.  We’ve been working closely with our organic growers for several years now and these relationships help us remove some of the additional costs of growing organic and pass these savings onto our customers through lower organic prices.

“An increasing number of Kiwis are really focused on their health and wellness and organic products are seen to be the pinnacle of this range.  We’re delighted to be the first large supermarket chain to stock organic Braeburn over conventional and be able to offer more Kiwis’ the chance to buy organics at lower prices,” he says.