New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Grower Planting New Varieties to Keep Up with Demand from Asia

John Bostock and Loren Zhao - New Apple Tree Planting

11 September 2018

New Zealand’s Largest Organic Apple Grower Planting New Varieties to Keep Up with Demand from Asia

New, exclusive apple varieties have been planted in Newealand this winter as growers work to keep up with the demand from Asia.

Bostock New Zealand Owner,  John Bostock says it’s exciting to be planting new varieties, which are sweeter and higher colour and appeal to the growing Asia market.

“I have just visited China and there is an increased awareness and demand for organic produce from New Zealand. These changes in consumer patterns are driven by the younger generation. They are all wanting to try things that are fresh and new

“For organic apple consumption to increase in Asia we must supply our customers with new, premium varieties that are sweet and high colour.”

Bostock New Zealand has been busy replacing old trees with new varieties like Dazzle, Premier Star, Posy and Prince

“All are bright red, sweet, juicy apples, which appeal particularly to the Asian consumers.

Bostock New Zealand customer and China’s Fruit Day Founder Loren Zhao has just visited Hawke’s Bay and was very impressed by the new planting developments.

Mr Zhao says an appealing incentive to buy New Zealand fruit is the new varieties on offer and the exclusiveness of the varieties.

“Asian customers just love trying new products. The new varieties coming out of New Zealand like Dazzle and Posy have real appeal because they are new and exciting.

“It’s so good to see all the new apple planting developments in New Zealand and see the big investment from New Zealand apple growers, like Bostock New Zealand.

“The Asian consumers just love the sweetness of the New Zealand varieties. They also like to know that the fruit has been grown in a pure, clean environment.”

Mr Bostock says New Zealand apple growers are becoming more focused on Asia markets and the new plantings reflect this.

“We need to grow apples which appeal to the Asian palette and these are sweet, juicy, bright red apples.”

“The apple industry is growing to meet international demand and every day we are working to ensure we have the apples, demanded by our customers. This takes a lot of planning ahead.” said Mr Bostock.

Bostock New Zealand will have a team at Asia Logistica, Hall 5, Stand MO2.

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