Organic Products in New Zealand



BOSTOCK New Zealand supplies organic apples, onions, pumpkin and organic apple cider vinegar to supermarkets and small specialist stores across New Zealand.

Our BOSTOCK organic products can mainly be found in New Worlds, Countdowns, Farro Fresh, selected Pak’nSaves and other specialised retailers.

The demand for safe, natural organic products is growing in New Zealand and we are expanding our range of organic apples locally. The organic apple varieties we grow for the New Zealand market are Royal Gala, Dazzle, Braeburn, Topaz, Fuji, Granny Smith, Kanzi and Cripps Pink.

If you would like to see BOSTOCK New Zealand organic produce in a retailer near you, please contact us.

Sustainable packaging for fresh produce

Sustainable packaging that aims at minimising environmental impact is a big focus for us. As we are increasing our organic footprint, we are committed to providing New Zealanders with more organic choices. We are constantly evolving by leveraging technology and by working with innovative packaging companies in finding ways to reduce plastics waste and packaging going to landfills. We aim at leading the way in providing more environmentally friendly packaging in our industry.

Some of our Bostock New Zealand organic apples are already packaged in recyclable, cardboard trays and in soft, plastic recyclable bags. We were also the first New Zealand apple grower to trial fully home compostable fruit stickers back in 2019, which gave us a gold medal for environmental innovation at the Pride in Print Awards. Since then we have also produced fully home compostable vegetable netting for our large organic onions. As a large portion of our brown onions are exported to Europe, we have made sure our compostable netting meets the EU’s tight compostable standards and food safety regulations.


Recyclable cardboard trays

Some of our organic local market apples are already been packed in eco-friendly recyclable cardboard trays ♻️


Compostable fruit stickers

Our new compostable sticker can be added to your garden compost to break down.


Compostable vegetable netting

The netting is made from FSC-certified beechwood and will fully breakdown in a home compost, landfill and worm farm in 90 days.