First Shipments of New Zealand’s New Season Organic Apples Arrive in the US

Media Release 

17 April

First Shipments of New Zealand’s New Season Organic Apples Arrive in the US

New Zealand’s first shipments of new season Organic apples are arriving in the US very soon. 

The Southern Hemisphere’s largest organic apple grower, Bostock New Zealand has set up an office in North America and is now directly selling Organic apples to US and Canadian customers. 

Bostock New Zealand Owner, John Bostock says, “through a direct grower/supply relationship the business can ensure excellent customer service and fresh, premium organic apples.” 

This season Bostock New Zealand will have a consumer facing brand in US supermarkets. The company has developed a whole new range of Bostock Apple packaging especially for the US consumers.

“Bostock New Zealand, which ships 85% of New Zealand’s organic apples, has the size and scale that merits going direct to North America customers and we can now supply premium produce directly,” said Mr Bostock.

Along with the US launch comes new, exciting apple varieties and Bostock New Zealand is making more organic apple varieties available for US customers. 
Bostock New Zealand has been developing some new exciting apple varieties in New Zealand and this season is introducing Dazzle™. This new apple variety will be showcased at the Organic Produce Summit in July in California.

“The Dazzle apple is our newest Apple which we think will do well in the US. It’s a large, red, sweet apple that looks really good,” said Mr Bostock. “We only grow organic apples so we are completely committed to helping our customers develop the organic category further”

Bostock North America Manager Jodi Carkner has recently travelled to New Zealand to finalise the US Organic Apple program. 

“The New Zealand Apple growing season has been good, and the weather has provided the perfect growing and harvesting conditions. There have been lots of sunny days and cooler nights which means our Bostock fruit has coloured well and is looking good. We are very happy with the quality.”

Bostock New Zealand has the main apple varieties including New Zealand Royal Gala, Fuji, Cripps Pink and Granny Smith that continue to be staples among US consumers, in addition to investing in breeding and production of new varieties.
New Zealand organic apples are among the best in the world. The North Island of New Zealand, where Bostock organic apples are grown, is an officially declared GMO Free region. 
“The demand for organic produce is growing and US consumers want to have confidence that their organic apples have been grown sustainably in a clean environment. Being GMO free is a significant point of difference which Bostock New Zealand offers,” said Ms Carkner.  


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