BOSTOCK New Zealand is proud to be part of the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme, first established in 2006. The horticulture industry is important to New Zealand and BOSTOCK New Zealand will always employ New Zealanders first, however, we have a shortage of local workers. The RSE scheme is a seasonal work policy to meet this labour shortage. It allows the temporary entry of overseas workers to plant, maintain, harvest and pack our crop when New Zealanders are not available for work.

Our company recruits between RSE workers every year from the Pacific Islands.

Under the RSE scheme policy, BOSTOCK New Zealand must:

  • Provide suitable accommodation, transport and half of each RSE worker’s international airfare
  • Meet the minimum wage and conditions required by New Zealand law for all workers

The RSE scheme successfully solves the former and serious labour issues BOSTOCK New Zealand and other growers face; in addition we have also seen how it contributes significantly to the well being of our Pacific neighbours.

BOSTOCK New Zealand RSE workers are able to save their earnings while in New Zealand. Once back at home, these savings allow our workers to provide for their families and improve their housing, buy transport and invest in businesses and rural infrastructure that benefit their families and the greater community. Investment examples across the three countries include:

  • Cocoa plantations that provide employment for local people
  • Buying fishing boats – so families can fish and then sell at market
  • Setting up various successful businesses
  • The buying of materials to make clothes to sell
  • Motorbike shops
  • Gift shops

BOSTOCK New Zealand is grateful for the contribution our RSE workers make to the business and we look forward to seeing the positive flow-on effect continue in their communities.

BOSTOCK New Zealand is certified as a Fair Trade supplier by Fair for Life certification (IMO Switzerland). Fair for Life is a Social & Fair Trade Certification Programme. It combines strict social and fair trade standards with adaptability to local conditions.