The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), Work and Income and local iwi have teamed up with BOSTOCK New Zealand to help get people into permanent employment.

The partners have worked together to establish an EIT level three sustainable fruit production course, which has both theory and practical modules. The theory mirrors the orchard cycle to enhance the student’s learning.

BOSTOCK New Zealand provides an orchard for the training course, which is a high quality-training scheme that ticks the right boxes for growers with real job prospects at the end for graduates.

While learning the theory, students can be taken from the classroom into the orchard to bring the theory to life.

BOSTOCK New Zealand ensures that the programme meets industry needs. The students start with pruning, pest and disease control, tractor driving, orchard machinery usage, irrigation, maintenance, and then thinning, so it’s sequential through the season and means at the end of it all graduates have the right practical skills to get a job.

For more information about jobs and training courses at BOSTOCK New Zealand please contact 06 873 9046