The BOSTOCK New Zealand Story

Hastings is New Zealand’s Tuscany of Europe.  We are our country’s premium, GM Free food growing region, producing top quality food products. 

Across Hawke’s Bay we have some of the purest, fertile growing areas in the world and the Heretuanga Plains are amongst the most valuable agricultural land anywhere.

We are the best place in the world to grow apples, with our oceanic climate, fresh water and sunshine.  For three years running New Zealand has been ranked first for international compeitiveness on the global stage.

Bostock New Zealand, which employs over 800 people at the peak of the season, is one of many Hawke’s Bay’s businesses thriving in the food export economy.

As premium food producers, and New Zealand’s largest organic apple grower, we focus on our points of difference – offering high-end, fresh and safe produce to the world’s most discerning customers with quality branding and exclusivity.

Our customers reward us for using sustainable organic and conventional growing practices to produce food as naturally as we can, in GM Free soils.

We can now trace an apple or an onion right back to the place it was grown and this adds huge value.

Bostock New Zealand is increasing exports to Japan, Korea, China the US and into Europe. We are continually looking to new markets, which pay premiums for uniquely pure food product.