BOSTOCK New Zealand is 100% owned by John Bostock, one of New Zealand’s leading growers. 

John Bostock is the man behind BOSTOCK New Zealand and the pioneer of commercial organic apple production in New Zealand.   

John and his wife Vicki started out as conventional apple and squash growers in the 1980s. They lived on an apple orchard with their three young boys and quickly became concerned with the industry’s liberal use of pesticides and other artificial substances, so they started looking for healthier and safer alternatives.

The couple started converting their Hawke’s Bay apple orchards to organic in 1996. They were the first growers to approach organic apple production on a commercial scale.

In 1999 John purchased a minority shareholding in D M Palmer (DMP), a major exporter of primary products. In the years following, the company increased exports to include a wider range of New Zealand grown fruit and vegetables. In 2003 John bought 100% of DM Palmer. 

After many years of positive growth, John decided to consolidate and simplify the various brands and re-launched as BOSTOCK New Zealand in 2015.

BOSTOCK New Zealand now exports to over 20 different countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.