If we each do a little bit we can make a big difference. We want to help our community paddle in the right direction.

John and his wife Vicki have always been passionate about supporting the Hawke’s Bay community, investing heavily in a wide range of events and initiatives.

BOSTOCK New Zealand supports the Te Aranga Marae in Flaxmere and helps to encourage healthy eating through the community gardens and the gardens in homes programme.

Families participate on a variety of levels, including learning how to grow and care for plants, the sharing of ideas along with the fruits of their labour, and how to give back to their community.

We want to inspire the next generation to eat healthy, local produce and how better to do that, than have them grow vegetables in their own back yards.

BOSTOCK New Zealand works closely with The Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), WINZ and local iwi to help get people off the unemployment benefit and into permanent employment.

The company also sponsors a number of community events to help boost the Hawke’s Bay economy including the Horse of the Year, Hawke’s Bay Racing and the New Zealand Edible Garden Show.