A Kiwikiss to Remember
BOSTOCK New Zealand grows and exports KiwiKiss gold kiwifruit and owns the plant variety rights (PVR).
The company grows its KiwiKiss kiwifruit in Hawke’s Bay, an area that has gained international recognition for growing premium gold kiwifruit.
The KiwiKiss variety was developed over many years of careful selection by renowned New Zealand kiwifruit breeder Don Skelton. He offered it to leading horticultural innovator, John Bostock, who was immediately attracted to this ‘pick of the bunch’ and enlisted his expert growing team to grow and nurture KiwiKiss on his Hawke’s Bay orchards.
The early timing, delightful taste, exquisite internal colour, and generously sized fruit of KiwiKiss gold kiwifruit stand it apart from other varieties – and the industry experts agree. KiwiKiss taste tests performed by professional merchandisers have confirmed the sweetness, complex flavours and texture that gold kiwifruit consumers demand.
This exceptional fruit has met New Zealand’s rigorous export quality and grade standards and has a clean, attractive appearance. The KiwiKiss variety also has an average size of 22 count – perfect for those segments of the Australian market with a preference for larger, premium quality kiwifruit.