Traceability from the field through to our customers

John Bostock began growing buttercup squash (Kabocha) for export in 1985.

Since then, BOSTOCK New Zealand has increased from growing a few hectares of one squash variety to over 800 hectares of four different varieties.    

Buttercup squash was developed in Japan. It is very sweet with a nutty flavour and vibrant colour.

We have a state of the art packhouse and are leading innovation in the New Zealand industry, incorporating a computer program that provides complete traceability of our buttercup squash from planting through to our customers.


Packing Specifications

40 x 600kg wooden bins per 40ft container


  • Small:   0.8 – 1.3kg per piece
  • Medium: 1.3-2.7kg per piece
  • Large: 2.7kg+ per piece